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The Hempy Bucket method is for those who want to grow like Soil, but get the yield of Hydro.  This is considered Passive Hydroponics and relies on replenishing the Internal Reservoir every day or two with a fresh nutrient mix.

The 3 Ingredients of the Hempy Bucket System::

1 – 1 Gallon, 2 Gallon or 3 Gallon Bucket (food grade only please)

1 – Bag Perlite (Home Depot)

1 – Bag Coco (Optional and can be picked up at the Hydro store)





Measure and Drill a 1/4″ hole 2″ up from the bottom of the bucket, so that the bottom of your hole hits the 2″ mark.  Its also a good idea to black out the bucket in order to eliminate light building algae in your new Internal Reservoir.  We used a rubber grommet to put into the hole, really only for show and is not needed.  Some people also glue screens over their hole to keep perlite from escaping, but we found that its really not necessary,, you might lose a pebble or two, but that’s going to be about it.





Lets fill your Hempy Bucket!  Fill the new Internal Reservoir with Perlite and cover the drain hole.  On top of that, either finish to the top with Perlite, or add Coco to the center section and top the whole thing off with a thick layer of Perlite.  Pretty simple so far and as you can see, you can Hempy in Solo Cups, 1 Gallons, 3 Gallons, 5 Gallons, Tubs, 2 Liter Bottles, and just about anything else!!

Below image is a 1 Gallon Container




Time to mix up some Nutrients for your new Hempy’s.  Since we are using Coco in our Hempy Setup, we will use a Coco specific nutrient, and CNS17 for Soil and Coco is perfect for this medium.  First, its a single part nutrient, so everything is already in there, including plenty of CalMag.  Since using CNS17, we have yet to experience another CalMag deficiency.

If you are not using Coco and decide to grow in 100% Perlite, then General Hydroponics Flora-Series is a very Popular 3 Part mix that’s also Proven and Easy to use, or simply use the CNS17 for Hydroponics and your good to go.



We also use some Liquid Karma in our mix. Its also a Botanicare product!



We want to make sure that we know what our PPM’s should be at this point in our grow, so we can mix our nutes and use our TDS/PPM Meter to measure the amount of TOTAL DISSOLVED SOLIDS / PARTS PER MILLION in our mix.  This is basically HOW HOT your nutrient mix is,,  if its too hot, you will burn your girls, so its always a good idea to track this number and gradually make it bigger as the plant grows taller.

FOR EXAMPLE::  Lets start our NEW CLONES out at 150 ppm (noting that our meter is set to a .05 factor and not .07).  In two days, we will mix our feed so we end up with 200 ppm’s.  Then in two days we will mix our feed so we end up with 250 ppm’s, Then in two days we will mix our feed so we end up with 300 ppm’s,, and well I am sure you can see the pattern.  By upping the PPM’s every two days, our plants will be getting a controlled increase in nutrients without overdoing it and burning your plants.  HOW EASY IS THAT!!

We like the Oakton ECO Testers.  So far we have been using them pretty much problem free.  Here is a great tutorial on TDS and PH at BG Hydro, and a must read before delving into PPM and PH Meters.

You can purchase an Oakton EcoTestr 2 Pocket pH Tester direct from the manufacturer BUY METER




After you have mixed your nutrient mix and have the PPM’s where you want them to be, its time to make sure our PH is correct.  Again we pull out our Trusty Oakton PH Meter and test our mix.  Since we are running a Passive Hydro system, we will want our PH to be in the 5.8 – 6.1 area.   We can use either PH UP or PH DOWN to get within range. Quick Tip: We can also use alternatives for PH UP and PH DOWN like Silica instead of PH UP to raise the PH of your nutrient mix





Now its time to water our Hempy!  We simply water from the top until water comes out the hole.



That’s it!!!

Now just water your girls every other day or so.  As they get bigger, they will need to be watered daily, but will love that daily replenishing of the internal reservoir with a fresh batch of Oxygenated Nutrient Mix.

With this simple to use system, there are no Water Pumps, Air Pumps or Chillers needed.  You cant Over water, root-bound is never an issue, and flushing could not be simpler.








Here is our Hempy 2 Liter Sog run we did a few years back:

With this method, you simply take one of our clones, stick it into a 2 Liter Soda Bottle (reconfigured to be a Hempy), and put it right into flower lighting (12/12).  You get ONE BIG KOLA per 2 Liter Bottle.

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