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Blue Mystic Seeds


Royal Queen Seeds Blue Mystic is another marijuana seed we are pleased to offer from Royal Queen Seed Collection. The original strain of Blue Mystic came from sunny California. She absorbed the warmth and head-spinning fragrances of the orange county and slowly released it with a heavy stoned finishing twist. Now she’s available in a feminized version. Mainly indica, Blue Mystic cannabis seeds produce attractive healthy plants as high as 50-70 cm. They look happier when growing in small groups. Though, with a bit of extra attention (like not to let it dry out), she shows good results when grown as an individual cannabis plant. When grown indoors, this marijuana has a neutral smell compared to many other strains. Blue Mystic marijuana is famous for her velvety blue hues that show up about mid-way into flowering. The flowering period is surprisingly short, from 7 to 9 weeks. As a typical indica, she produces heavy buds that get absolutely covered in crystals when matured. This cannabis is a very good yielder – 450 gr. of dried product per plant is not a bad result for an indica. She has an earthy smooth, somewhat fruity berry flavor with excellent shelf life. Blue Mystic features many of the cannabis desirable qualities, along with an added colorful appearance, a light berry aftertaste when smoked, and a heavy stoned effect.

Strain Name: Blue Mystic
Breeder: Royal Queen Seeds
Climate: indoor, outdoor

Type: 80% indica, 20% sativa
Flowering Time: ~56-63 days
Genetics: Blueberry x Northern Light
Sex: Feminized

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