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Scrambler Haze is a captivating and potent strain meticulously crafted through the fusion of Cafe Racer and Santa Muerte genetics. This predominantly Sativa hybrid offers a thrilling combination of flavors, effects, and therapeutic benefits, making it a standout choice for cannabis enthusiasts and medical users alike.
The flowering time for Scrambler Haze spans 10 to 12 weeks, during which the plant develops into a stunning specimen with a height reaching up to 3 meters. This strain boasts an impressive outdoor production potential of 600 to 900 grams per plant, while indoor cultivation yields range from 750 to 850 grams per square meter. The bountiful harvests are a testament to the careful breeding and genetic selection that went into creating Scrambler Haze.
With a THC content ranging between 30% and 36%, Scrambler Haze is not for the faint of heart. This powerhouse strain delivers a robust and long-lasting euphoric experience, accompanied by a profound sense of happiness and relaxation. The effects are perfect for those seeking a mood boost and stress relief, making it an ideal choice for social settings or moments of unwinding.
Scrambler Haze entices the senses with a delightful combination of earthy, fruity, and sweet flavors. The terpene profile adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the overall experience, enhancing the sensory journey for cannabis connoisseurs.
In addition to its recreational appeal, Scrambler Haze also holds therapeutic potential. Medical users may find relief from symptoms of depression, pain, and stress, thanks to the balanced cannabinoid profile. With a mere 0.2% CBD content, the strain remains focused on delivering a euphoric and uplifting experience without significant sedation.

Strain Name: Scrambler Haze
Breeder: BlimBurn Seeds
Climate: indoor, outdoor

Type: mostly sativa
Flowering Time: 10-12 weeks
Genetics: Cafe Racer x Santa Muerte
Yield indoors: 750-850 gr/m2
Yield outdoors: 600-900 gr/plant
Height: 3 meters
Flavor: earthy, fruity, sweet
Effect: euphoric, happy, relaxed
Medical: depression, pain, stress
THC: 30-36%
CBD: 0.2%
Sex: Feminized

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