Strawberry Mist Seeds

Strawberry Mist Seeds


Strawberry Mist was awarded 1st prize in the Sativa category at the 2016 Spanish THC Valencia Cup. It is certainly a true champion for the enjoyment of fruity Sativa genetics lovers. This variety was created by Oldman Green time before establishing the Old School Genetics seed bank. Strawberry Mist has always been one of Oldman Green’s favorite varieties. The consumer trends have been changing over the last years but the great Sativas always have a special place in the growers’ hearts. Strawberry Mist is composed of 75/25 Sativa Indica genetics. It is a cross between an old Kali Mist female pre-2000 and the famous Tijuana clone reversed in order to create this feminized strain.

Strawberry Mist by Old School Genetics produces slender structured plants with long secondary branches with attached knots. It shows a typical Sativa plant growth, with a rapid development needing a strong base to build up the root system. This structure makes Strawberry Mist a variety suitable for SCROG cultivation. Its vigor and several secondary branches rapidly fill the net. It is necessary to provide enough space for correct development, as well as controlling the number of cultivated plants in relation to the available space.

It responds very well to all cultivation techniques, but still, it is always advisable to cultivate it organically. Strawberry Mist is adapted to indoor cultivation and also offers excellent results outdoors when cultivated in sunny regions, where the harvest is ready at the end of October – beginning of November. Strawberry Mist by Old School Genetics, fruity stimulation Strawberry Mist by Old School Genetics delivers fruity organoleptic qualities, with a sweet base accompanied by intense strawberry flavors and subtle incense hints. Resin extraction fans have a great opportunity to enjoy these fragrances in Hash Ice-O-Lator, BHO, or Rosin extracts. The aromas and flavors are always intense and can be enjoyed in a vaporizer or in the traditional way.

Strawberry Mist produces a very cerebral effect favoring the practice of creative activities. It is ideal to share with friends and spend a pleasant and amusing time, offering a progressive rise that in 30 minutes shows its elegant Sativa character.

Strain Name: Strawberry Mist
Breeder: Old School Genetics Seeds
Climate: indoor, outdoor

Type: 75% sativa, 25% indica
Flowering Time: ~80-85 days
Yield: 500 g/m2 indoor, 800 g/plant outdoor
THC: 22%

Genetics: Kali Mist pre 2000 x Tijuana cut
Sex: Feminized

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