SOW 420 Consultation

Are you tired of the Dispensaries not having the strain that works best for you? Are you tired of paying the high prices associated with Dispensary overhead? Have you considered setting up your own Personal Proposition 215 Medical Marijuana or Prop 64 Recreational Garden?

SOW 420 is a professional garden consultation arm for A Soothing Seed, with its main goal focused solely on personal patient and recreational gardens with successful harvests. While the rest of the country, and our own state push ahead with medical and recreational regulations, SOW 420 is dedicated to staying on the path of our rights to cultivate and harvest our own medical and recreational marijuana. This allows for better, safer quality controls when it comes to pesticides and other harmful chemicals used in your daily medication or recreational substance. Other very important requirements are a clean electrical set up, lighting selection, pest control, humidity control, passive vs sealed rooms, these are all items that need to be addressed in proper indoor garden operations.

Whether you would like to set up a Soil garden or Hydroponic garden, SOW 420 can guide you. If you would like to keep it simple and begin to grow in soil, we will asses what you currently have and what you would need to be up and operational quickly and efficiently, and consult with you about each requirement and how it effects your grow. If you would like to take it Up-A-Notch and move into the Hydroponic realm, then we can do that as well. Deep Water Culture, Flood & Drain, Hempy Bucket, Sogging and Scrogging, we have got you covered and can walk you through all of the parts needed to build the Hydroponic Grow System that meets your needs as a Medical Marijuana Patient.

SOW 420 works directly with Local Hydroponic Stores that have the supplies needed when it comes to a medical or recreational marijuana garden, and you will have the tools necessary to be successful as a personal home grower, who is self sufficient and will never have to purchase your medication from a dispensary again.

CALL us TODAY and ask how SOW 420 can help get you started with your First Medical or Recreational Marijuana Garden, or if you need consultation with regards to your Larger Professional Facility, we can assist you there as well. Consulting service is $60 per hour plus $0.50 per mile travel time.

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