Our new White Widow x Big Bud, AK-47 and Northern Lights x Big Bud seedlings have sprouted, are now in cups and doing well.  Stay posted and watch them grow!!



    And here are the Girls now on July 10th (9 days later) looking good and feeding on 150 ppm’s.  This month Botanicare changed their CNS17 Line to combine the Coco and Hydroponic solutions into one solution,,,  Well it looks like they basically just cut out the Coco solution cause now we are needing to add CalMag to our regime. This is unfortunate and has us looking into other blends.



    AK47, Northern Lights x Big Bud, White Widow x Big Bud

    Its now July 26th and the girls are looking Fantastic!  They are ready to be topped so we can bush them out and take our first set of clones. 

    Since we are now in a CO2 Enriched grow space, they are feeding like crazy and taking 1400 PPM’s (.5 factor), WOW! Keeping up with their Nutrient Needs was surprising at first, but now I think we may have it dialed in.


    AK47 Cannabis, Northern Lights x Big Bud Marijuana, White Widow x Big Bud Medical Cannabis Mothers

    We Topped the girls a couple of days ago, and they are starting to Bush Up Nicely!  Looks at all those Growth Nodes.