Want to Get Healthy, Chula Vista Marijuana Clones?

Chula Vista marijuana clones are available to our members, Check out our menu or call 760-687-9978 for the finest medical and adult use marijuana clones and seeds in Chula Vista California.

A Soothing Seed offers pickup and delivery options to Chula Vista and surrounding San Diego County patients with a medical recommendation, and adult users with valid California identification card.

Since 2008 A Soothing Seed has supplied quality, medical grade marijuana clones and seeds to the San Diego County area and serviced over 800 residents of Chula Vista during that time, offering professional and safe service combined with high performance cultivation support.

cannabis clonesSince 2008 A Soothing Seed has offered nothing
but healthy,
pest free clones and seeds to all
of San Diego County.


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Healthy, Pest Free Cannabis Clones

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Open Every Day

A Soothing Seed is open every day and available to our clients Monday through Sunday from the hours of 9:00am to 5:00pm.

In many cases we are able to offer same day delivery or pickup to our Chula Vista members, usually within hours of receiving your order or next day.

We offer a free consultation for those who are unsure what to order so that we may get a full understanding of your experience, your grow room setup, and your product requirements to ensure a successful harvest of your personal marijuana grow.

Why Grow Your Own Marijuana?

Having the ability and the right to cultivate your own marijuana in Chula Vista on your own terms is essential, giving you the ability to know exactly what has gone into growing your product.

For many medical marijuana patients, the use of pesticides is the #1 reason to cultivate your own marijuana products. Avoiding such products like pesticides and fungicides is crucial to your overall health and the main reason you are shopping with A Soothing Seed.

We house and cultivate our mother’s or donor plants in a sealed room, meaning we control every aspect of the environment, so we never need to use pesticides or herbicides on our plants and our Chula Vista patients can feel comfortable and safe.

Grow Your Own CannabisYou too can grow your own marijuana plants in
the privacy of your home.


Do I have to live in California in order to get clones?
YES, you must be a California resident and have a valid California ID and or Medical Marijuana Recommendation in order to get clones and seeds from A Soothing Seeds Garden.

Is there a minimum clone order?
NO!  We do not have a minimum clone order at this time as long as you are picking them up, and we will continue to ensure clones will be available to you whether you want 6, or just 1 if that’s all you require.

Do you ship clones to other states?
NO.  It is against the law to ship cannabis across state lines, as well, you must be a resident of California to obtain clones from A Soothing Seed.

Can I Get Marijuana Seeds?

Starting your new grow with seeds are exciting and fun.

A Soothing Seed offers marijuana seeds directly sourced from a multitude of breeders all over the world with the majority located right here in Northern and Southern California.

Being able to get breeder seeds allows us the opportunity to gain all the knowledge about each marijuana strain including the percentage of Indica vs Sativa ratio’s, THC, CBD, and CBN content, and whether it’s a moderate or difficult strain to grow. This is incredibly important information for anyone to be successful in their cultivation endeavors, and information you more than likely won’t get from any dispensary or common nursery in the San Diego County area.

How to Order Marijuana Clones & Seeds

At A Soothing Seed we keep the ordering process simple, Chula Vista residents may order Chula Vista marijuana clone and seed menu, give us a call, or text us directly to get the process started. A member of our staff will reach out to you to discuss your order and its availability, then set a pickup or delivery window to finalize your order.

There are times when our website may show a product out of stock, please don’t let this discourage you as we have clones rooting daily. What may show as out of stock today, could be back in stock tomorrow, so it’s always best to communicate with your Chula Vista nursery rep who will work with you to determine your needs, when they can fill your order, and schedule your Chula Vista pickup or delivery.

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