Aeroponics Hydroponics systems for the beginner

Aeroponics Hydroponics systemsAeroponics is a method of growing plants where soil is not used. The plants are suspended in the air and are fed with nutrients by spraying it onto their roots. The aeroponics setup should be indoors so that the environment will maintain a misty atmosphere more suitable for plant growth and development.

Aeroponics hydroponics systems are unique in that in these types of systems the roots are actually suspended in mid-air. The roots are then sprayed with a highly oxygenated nutrient mix using misting nozzles. The size of the misted water droplets will differ depending on the type of aeroponic system you are running. There are two types of aeroponic systems on the market, one uses a water pump and the other uses an ultrasonic fogger.

Water Pump driven aeroponics systems are the most common, where your plants roots are suspended in mid-air. A submersible MAG drive pump is used to push water through microjet misters, that break down the water into tiny droplets and sprays this onto your root system providing maximum coverage and saturation of the root zone. This highly oxygenated misting of nutrients to your roots will help accelerate growth and vigor. The pump is usually powered by a timer set for 15-minute intervals essentially allowing your plants to dry and then be watered again.

The use of an ultrasonic fogger to turn your nutrient mix into a mist instead of a water pump is another form of aeroponics. When using an ultrasonic fogger, the fogger will create a finer micron mist than the above water misters can create, filling the root zone with a heavy fog that stimulates the fine root hairs to grab and absorb the tiny water droplets. The ultrasonic fogger can also be set on a timer at 15-minute intervals for best root stimulation and growth.

Using an aeroponic hydroponics system with either a pump driven or ultrasonic fogger driven system, your plants will grow in the most efficient manner possible providing a higher yield that can’t be obtained growing in soil.