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While these clones may be marked as “out of stock“, we have clones rooting daily and take cuts weekly so we tend to catch up quickly. All you have to do is let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll begin putting your order together over the next few days. Once your order is ready, we’ll coordinate with you to schedule a pickup or delivery.


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Pineapple Express is a G13 Labs’ best-selling cannabis strain which produces quality yields, has quick flowering stage, massive amount of resin and high mental and physical potency. Feminized variety with an incredible taste. True connoisseurs are falling in love with Pineapple Express thanks to its delicate and sweet characteristics coming from the Hawaiian Skunk and Big Bud genetics. Extreme caution is advised due to its strong fruity fragrance.

Strain Name: Pineapple Express
Breeder: G13 Labs
Climate: indoor, outdoor

Type: 50/50 hybrid
Flowering Time: ~50-55 days indoor
Height: Medium to Tall
Attributes: Lemon with fruity notes, Intense with a hint of lime and pineapple, Intense cerebral high with relaxing end
Genetics: Big Bud x Hawaiian Skunk
THC: 17-22%
Sex: Feminized

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