One of the arguments used by the anti-legalization crowd is that crime rates will go up. Well, Denver has just released their latest crime statistics for January and February:

    Violent crime — including homicide, sexual assaults and robbery — have declined by 2.4%, according to the Denver Police Department. In fact, robberies fell more than 7% during the period, while sexual assaults declined by more than 12%. Homicide fell more than 66%. Aggravated assaults were the only violent crime category to rise in the first two months of this year, gaining nearly 4%. Property crimes overall fell nearly 15%. Burglary and larceny were both down approximately 2% while theft from motor vehicles fell over 43%. Auto thefts fell nearly 4%. However, perhaps ironically, arson cases more than doubled. (read more here: Main Street)

    The report has blown holes in the District Attorney’s theory that violence was “exploding” in Denver as a result of the medical marijuana industry. It has also prompted other Colorado cities who had previously rejected the recreational sale of marijuana to reconsider.

    I guess the sky didn’t fall after all.