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Oakton ECOtestr pH2+

We all know just how important it is to maintain a proper PH when growing plants. Much like humans, if a plants PH is off or out of range, they will begin to show deficiencies due to the plant not being able to uptake the nutrients you are feeding it, so...

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Jacks Professional Hydroponics

Since we needed to get rid of General Hydroponics due to their being bought out by Scott’s, we decided to give Jacks a trial run, so we picked up what is essentially the Jacks 2 part system, Jack’s ProfessionalHydroponic and Jacks Professional Calcium Nitrate. These can be weighed out...

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Scissor Fix

We have been using this product lately, and it actually quite good. It does a nice job of cleaning the goo off your scissors during trim, and all in a well contained package. While it does still take a little scrubbing on some of the Tough spots, it certainly...

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Mother Of All Blooms

Or MOAB as it seems more referred to, and YES, I had to look it up. Its a product by “Mad Farmer”, a company I am beginning to like more and more, and I recently broke down and gave the MOAB a try. My current grow of Pineapple Express...

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Gnat Nix

We have recently been using a product from GROW STONE called GNAT NIX. So far we are quite impressed with it. Its basically a top dressing that looks like sand and appears to be larger chunks of Grow Stone, that has been broken down into a smaller finer product....

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