Jacks HydroponicsSince we needed to get rid of General Hydroponics due to their being bought out by Scott’s, we decided to give Jacks a trial run, so we picked up what is essentially the Jacks 2 part system, Jack’s Professional Hydroponic and Jacks Professional Calcium Nitrate. These can be weighed out separately and made into Batches, so you simply draw a specific ML per gallon of each, and mix into your RO Water.  If done correctly, you solution will be in the 600-800 ppm range, and that’s it, you just run that through your entire grow.

    So we went ahead and mixed up a batch of 700 ppm solution and have been feeding it this new clone. We simply popped the rooted clone into a Hempy dixie cup, filled with perlite, and water once a day. She did not burn and looks fantastic with tight node spacing after only 5 days.

    We also started feeding some large plants with the same Jacks solution, and they are also looking good so far!!

    Jacks line up is quite vast and easy to get lost in all the various nutrient offerings, so if this particular Jacks product doesn’t work for you, they have others to choose from, so you can really dial in your grow.

    Visit them and see what they can do for you – Visit JR PETERS INC.