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KEEPING IT FRESH! is how its done here at A Soothing Seed. Our new Mothers of NORTHERN LIGHTS x BIG BUD, CHRONIC THUNDER, PINEAPPLE EXPRESS, BLUE DREAM and newcomers SNAKE VENOM and GREEN CRACK are doing VERY WELL, and will be available to our members within the next few...

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Rick Simpson Oil

We have added an extra step to our Oil making called Winterizing. After Extracting with Everclear, Filtering and Distilling off most of the Everclear, we put what’s left into the Freezer for 12hrs. After 12hrs, we remove the Liquid and strain through Premium Coffee Filters in order to remove...

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New Mothers have been TRANSPLANTED!

New genetics will soon be available to our members!! • LSD • AFGOOEY • MONEY MAKER • CHEM DAWG We will need to Top them in the next couple of days, and they should be ready to give up some clippings in 3-4 weeks… STAY TUNED!!

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New Seeds, New Genetics!

Our new Mothers are doing GREAT!! We should be able to start taking cuts in another 2-3 weeks.. • Purple Trainwreck • Cotton Candy • Pineapple Kush • San Fernando Valley OG • Northern Lights x Big Bud • Blue Dream • Cookies Kush • Girl Scout Cookies •...

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Upcoming mothers for members of our Collective

Continuing to offer only the best medical marijuana strains to members of our Collective Garden, we present to you, our SUPER LEMON HAZE, GREEK CRACK,, and BUBBA KUSH bringing up the rear. These young girls will be future mothers, and all are member requests! Stay Posted!!! Transplanting SUPER...

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