State governments aren’t the only ones who realize that a legal marijuana industry can put big bucks in their coffers, corporate America is getting the game as well. Take a look at some of these new creatives to hit the airwaves …

    Jack In The BoxJack's Munchie Meal™

    Marketed as the “cure to mellow even the meanest manifestation of the munchies,” Jack in the Box’s Munchie Meal is only available in the overnight hours and, while they don’t come right out and say it, the ads certainly indicate who they’re targeting with this  campaign.



    Carl's Jr Wake and Bake CampaignCarl’s Jr.

    It’s not a secret that Carl’s Jr. likes to push the envelope in their advertising and this is no exception. Along with their new breakfast signs, Carl’s Jr. employees have been given t-shirts with the slogan on it. I don’t think any subtlety is intended here and the campaign has marijuana users everywhere asking where they can get a Wake and Bake shirt of their own!


    Denny’sDenny's All Nighter

    The home of the Grand Slam is now trying to tap into the younger generation with  their new All Nighter menu. It’s said to target groups of friends out late after a movie or concert or whatever. It embraces the difficulty the latest economic downturn has created in our pocketbooks by having cheap menu items and goes so far as to sponsor new bands aimed at today’s college-goers. (read more here: QRS Magazine) However, one look at their ads for this hipper late-night dining experience says to me that their true target market may be a little outside the “official” statement.


    Taco BellTaco Bell

    Taco Bell has been offering up their Fourth Meal menu for quite some time now so you can’t really say that the legalization of marijuana has inspired this campaign. Officially, Taco Bell offers their late night menu for those of us who work odd hours and just happen to be looking for dinner at 1am. Unofficially, I think this franchise owner nailed it!



    Spirit AirlinesSpirit-Airlines

    And it’s not just about the food either. With Colorado being the first state to legalize marijuana for recreational use, the travel industry decided to ante up as well. Spirit Airlines filled their latest ad with double entendres geared toward the pot smoking population. There’s a question how long they’ll be able to get away with this type of advertising since air travel is still regulated by the federal government, but we give them a thumbs up in the meantime. (read more here: CNBC)