California is supposed to be one of the most progressive states in the country, yet a proposed law in San Jose would have the effect of shutting down all the collectives in town.

    The ordinance, discussed at a community meeting this week, would require shops to be located in industrial zones away from schools, daycare centers, parks, libraries and houses of worship. They’d even have to be 500 feet from homes. 500 feet from homes too?! They may as well call this the Banning All Dispensaries ordinance!

    But what has some in the San Jose MMJ community worried is a provision that would require collectives to produce on-site all the medicine they sell. And the cannabis could not be grown outdoors. Do they have any idea what this will do to the environment as well as the states power grid?! The proposal would also outlaw sales of concentrates such as wax. If they’re so clueless as to think that smoking or vaping is the only effective or even preferred method of medicating should they really have the authority to make rules of this nature?

    According to the Silicon Valley Cannabis Coalition:

    Under the new regulations being presented to the San Jose City Council, no collectives will be able to operate in San Jose.

    The group argues that the law, if passed, “will effectively force medical marijuana patients to resort to buying their medication on the black market.”

    On Monday the coalition plans to file its own alternative language for collective regulation.

    The SVCC’s John Lee says:

    The Silicon Valley Cannabis Coalition would like to see the council put in place reasonable regulations and create a commission to address any impact to the community. We need to move forward, not backward.

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