I’ve often thought that the possible uses for the marijuana plant (both medically and commercially) were almost limitless, but here’s one that never crossed my mind …

    Anyone who has ever grown their own know that, once you’ve taken the good stuff, there’s still a lot of plant matter that simply goes in the trash. Not because it’s of no value, but because you don’t have the means or knowledge to process it. Well, a Washington state pig farmer had the idea of feeding those leftovers to his pigs.

    The concept was not new to him as he has apparently been feeding them the excesses from a local brewery. It was a great partnership. He got free pig feed and the brewery got rid of what would otherwise go into the garbage. Now he just gets to expand his options.

    What effect does the marijuana have on the final product? Since he’s only using the waste, the meat will not get you high. Aside from that though, he says the meat does have a very distinct and pleasant flavor infusion that allows him to sell his “pot chops” at a premium.

    OK. So this idea may not be groundbreaking or earth-shattering, but I thought it was interesting enough to share. (read more here: Yahoo! News)